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Pierre Marcolini is a Belgian chocolatier who was born in 1964. (1) Before he opened
his own first shop in 1995, he worked for famous companies in Belgium and France. His dream
was to change the world of chocolate and to make it more modern.

(2) In his life, Marcolini received several prizes.

(3) Recently, World Pastry Stars organized a
competition to win the title of the world´s best pastry chef.

(4) Marcolini won the title. He proved
that Belgium makes the best chocolate.

(5) Marcolini travels the world to find the finest cocoa beans. He speaks to growers and he
controls all the steps of making his chocolate. He is one of the few chocolatiers who roast
cocoa beans himself.

(6) He sells special chocolate gift boxes that cost more than €100 or

more than $129.

[News in Levels. (3 November 2020). Retrieved from]

Identify the most suitable title for the text above.


The following sentences are based on the paragraph above. Identify what the italicized word refers to.

Identify the independent and the dependent clause of the underlined sentence (1).

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